KOKO Networks – 100K and growing fast

Earlier this month, KOKO Networks celebrated an encouraging sales milestone, as Grace Njenga became the 100,000th household customer on our clean fuels platform.

Yesterday, some of our team members visited Grace in Thika, a fast-growing town on the northeast edge of Nairobi to celebrate. Grace is a mother-of-three, who works as a cook at a nearby quarrying site – so she knows a great cooking solution when she sees one! She was thrilled to learn she had been awarded a year’s supply of free KOKO Fuel.

KOKO offers customers a safe and modern 2-burner cooking solution, at less than half the price of competing modern solutions.

Grace explained that she was drawn to KOKO because of the convenience of fast and clean cooking, while she can now save money on her monthly cooking fuel spend. She also enjoys the option of buying fuel in small bundles, which she now does at her local KOKO Agent shop – one of 700 across greater Nairobi.

Sales have been rapidly accelerating in recent months, as KOKO Fuel crosses from the early adoption stage into widespread mass-market use.

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