About Us

We amplify talent. We work together with our entrepreneurs to create impactful businesses.

Team Chandaria Capital

Get to know the people behind Chandaria Capital. The ones creating what’s next in Africa.

Mahesh Chandaria

I enjoy the challenge of building businesses, innovation and sharing my years of experiences and success.

Darshan Chandaria
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

I’m CEO of Chandaria Group and a serial entrepreneur. I love investing in businesses and people that will transform lives across Africa.

Neer Chandaria
Co-Founder and Partner

I am the Group Sales & Marketing Director of Chandaria Industries. I am passionate about investing in brands with growth potential and the people behind them.

Bruce Nsereko-Lule
Investment Principal

I am proud to be African! I continually strive to use my heart, skillset and international investment banking experience, to develop businesses to further Africa’s development.

Bhavin Shah

I'm CFO of the Chandaria Group of Companies. I enjoy building lasting business by ensuring that they have a solid foundation.

Hamza Butt

I am passionate about understanding Africa's innovators. I identify fast-growing businesses that can change the continent and, together with the Chand Cap team, help them grow into globally recognisable businesses.

We work with amazing entrepreneurs to develop impactful businesses. We create what’s next in Africa. Together.