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Savannah Brands Press Release

Savannah Brands was set up to address the market gap in Kenya for quality food and beverage products that champion the African story. The company uses African produce to create food and beverage products that are tailored to African tastes. All products are ‘Made in Africa, for Africans’.

The company has launched products in three categories under two brands. The beverage brand, Kenyan Originals, is an alcoholic fruit cider and iced tea range blended with 100% real Kenyan fruit and tea. Products include a Lime & Ginger Cider, and Hibiscus & Lime Iced Tea. A truly Kenyan product with a Kenyan kick.

Kenya Originals

The snack brand, Nairobi Nibbles, is a range of delicious guilt-free snacks made with 100% real fruit. These include coconut crisps, mango bites and a kids’ range. Dried not fried, they provide a tasty but healthier alternative to confectionery and crisps.

Nairobi Nibbles

Moving forward, the company will continue to focus on building a range of food and beverage products that cater to local tastes.

In the space of 18 months, Savannah Brands has managed to launch 3 new product ranges in a market where innovation in the food and beverage space is rare. These products are listed in big retailers including Carrefour, Chandarana, Shoprite, Zucchini and Healthy U and the company continues to build its distribution network.

Founders Testimonial

Chandaria Capital have a wealth of knowledge on the local market which has helped Savannah Brands gauge a more realistic view of what will or won’t work in this market. Their access to a relevant local network has been invaluable to a business such as Savannah Brands where we are just getting off the ground. This network cuts across the value chain, from manufacturers, right through to distributors and customers.

Based on their extensive experience in manufacturing and retail, they understand the challenges local manufacturers like Savannah Brands face. As a result, they can provide practical and actionable solutions to help the business tackle problems and continue to grow.


Founder: Alexandra Chappatte

Year Founded: 2018


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