KOKO Networks

KOKO is an international technology company based in Kenya and India with a mission to improve life for everyone in Africa’s cities. KOKO’s technology enables liquid ethanol cooking fuel to be added to the downstream infrastructure of major fuel companies.  Ethanol fuel solves major consumer pain-points within the $20bn market for urban African cooking fuel, which is dominated by charcoal.

Networks of KOKOpoint “fuel ATMs” are deployed within neighbourhood shops across the city, which safely dispense fuel into refillable smart canisters, which in turn dock with customers’ modern KOKO stoves.  KOKOpoints are refilled by Vivo Energy, KOKO’s fuel wholesale partner in Kenya, whose Smart MicroTankers undertake last-mile distribution from nearby petrol stations fitted with KOKO’s Smart Depot Systems.  KOKO’s cloud, mobile and IoT software technologies enable complete visibility and control of the Network, managing the flow of fuel, data and payments.

KOKO Digital Media is the 2nd line of KOKO’s business, enabling major brands to interact with mass-market urban consumers through targeted interactive video and in-store radio.

Key achievements

KOKO’s technologies have drastically reduced the cost of liquid ethanol fuel, making it now the cheapest cooking fuel in the Nairobi market.    By replacing charcoal and kerosene in the household, KOKO is delivering major environmental and family health benefits to Kenyans.

Co-Founder: Greg Murray

Year Founded: 2013

HQ: Nairobi, Kenya.


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Date published

January 28, 2019