Doorsteps is a UK-based tech-enabled real estate platform powered by a network of qualified, service-oriented agents. They are transforming the property market across the country and are looking to expand into new markets. They provide an honest, transparent and hassle-free way to buy and sell properties in the UK.

Their seamless and efficient transfer of properties increases the overall value of the market and positively impacts both sellers and buyers alike, by cutting transaction and transfer fees which, until now, were upwards of GBP 5,000.  By standardising both the buying and selling process and moving it online, Doorsteps has been able to increase the efficiency of the property market.

Rated one of the top real estate agencies in the UK, Doorsteps lists 1 in every 100 properties and has listed over £1bn worth of homes since launching in 2017. The company has utilised the power of technology to sell homes across the country for fees as low as GBP 99!  It has been rated one of the best agencies in the country when it comes to service and has been ranked among the top startups in Britain.

Founder: Akshay Ruparelia

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Harrow, United Kingdom.


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online, real estate, technology

Date published

February 6, 2019