A fast growing VC backed Fintech, start up, ImaliPay is a one-stop shop platform for tailored financial services and products for gig economy platforms and workers across Africa. Our proprietary technology brings to life our “One Stop Shop” for freelancers and self-employed workers towards a tailored financial inclusion journey.

Through our API platform, ImaliPay provides embedded financial services to gig economy workers and platforms in Africa that are underbanked. Today we work with over 50 businesses across Africa to bring their Fintech aspirations to life.

Key Achievements

In 2022, ImaliPay was recently crowned one of Africa’s Top 3 Fintechs by IFC and Cassava Technology and was listed in October 2021 by The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund as one of Africa’s Top 50 most investable startups.


Chand Cap has helped with key business development introductions and networks to help us unlock value not just in Kenya but across Africa. We also are partnering with other Chand Cap companies to layer our services into their platforms. The spirit of collaboration and deepening ties is what makes Chand Cap a fantastic fund to work with.

Founders: Tatenda Furusa and Sanmi Akinmusire
Year Founded: 2021
HQ: Nigeria

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Finance, Technology


Date published

August 1, 2022