Cinch is creating durable wealth & optionality for the world’s most disenfranchised rural communities. We achieve this by pooling community land assets, managing them holistically and providing guaranteed increased monthly incomes to all our members from the day they sign up. By aggregating non-contiguous smallholder land through leases, Cinch transforms this aggregated land into large commercial “mosaic farms”, managed by Cinch’s professional teams. Previously underperforming land immediately becomes a productive asset for the smallholder. This passive income is multiples of what the landowner took home before, often an increase of 3x to 6x per annum. A proprietary digital platform gives Cinch’s users (both landowners and non-landowners) means to increase their purchasing power by compounding the value of their Cinch incomes to build durable prosperity.

Key Achievements

Since inception of operations (2.5 years), Cinch has grown to over 5 farm locations in E. Africa, expanded internationally & created over 2,200 jobs, the majority of which are for women. Additionally, retention among our user base remains incredibly high at nearly 100%.

Founders: Alexander Fankuchen & Richard Gadbois
Year Founded: 2021
HQ: Kenya

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Agriculture, Technology


Date published

August 23, 2022