Carry 1st

Carry1st is a leading interactive entertainment company leveraging mobile technology to serve the first generation of African smartphone users.  They publish localised social games and digital commerce apps combining proprietary technology, accessible payments, and hyper-local distribution. Carry1st’s offerings have already had millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of active users. 

Going forward, Carry1st will partner with local and global content producers to provide a range of enriching digital experiences for our growing and underserved user-base.

In their first year, Carry1st published a #1 game in Nigeria and Kenya, reaching over a million users. They were named the top 2019 media and entertainment solution in Africa by an award sponsored by Tencent.


In just a short period of time, Chandaria Capital has added meaningful value by providing access to their network of strategic partners and portfolio companies. The credibility they provide us in East Africa is unmatched. 

Founders: Cordel Robbin-Coker, Lucy Hoffman

Year Founded: 2019

HQ: Cape Town, South Africa.

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Content, Media, Technology


Date published

May 18, 2020