Safi Analytics

Safi Analytics builds technology that drives smart, clean growth for factories worldwide, starting in emerging markets. Safi’s real-time smart technology helps factories improve production efficiency and prevent breakdowns. The system is easy to launch and easy to use from a smartphone or computer anywhere and works across all factories and machine types. Safi’s platform provides accurate, real-time data alongside key management metrics, customised SMS alerts and standardised daily and weekly reports to support factory operations.

Since launching in mid-2018, Safi Analytics has already become the leading provider of smart factory software in its first market, Kenya, working with more than 30 factories with real-time data streaming from over 350 machines. The software has already saved multiple factories more than 100,000 USD/yr, and Safi’s team of 12 just closed a successful seed round in mid-2019 to reach their next 100 customers and explore next markets. Safi has also received innovation awards from both MIT and Stanford University.


Chandaria’s team has provided feedback and guidance from the time Safi was still in the incubation stage and has been incredibly supportive and helpful from our early days. Working with Chandaria is a perfect fit for Safi given our focus on manufacturing, and we couldn’t be happier to get the chance to work together with the Chandaria Capital team!

Co-Founders: Lauren Dunford, Weston McBride

Year Founded: 2017

HQ: Nairobi, Kenya.

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Date published

September 24, 2019