Tushop is a social commerce platform that unleashes the power of community group buying. The typical African consumer spends nearly 50% of their income on food and daily essentials, and the purchasing experience is often tedious – especially when hunting for bargain prices, such as at wholesale markets far from home.

Tushop provides wholesale prices of goods and products delivered for free. Tushop can do this by leveraging the power of locally aggregated demand and linking this directly to farmers and manufacturers. These suppliers can then, through Tushop and Tushop’s selected “Community Leaders,” deliver goods and products that are up to 60% cheaper to the consumer’s doorstep.

Key Achievements

Tushop is just a year old but has successfully launched in five zones across Nairobi, developed its apps, and built a team to manage thousands of orders per day. Tushop looks forward to expanding sustainably across Nairobi and Kenya.


Chandaria Capital is not only a great support in providing much-needed capital for this operationally onerous business model but also in providing local know-how, expertise, networks, and connections – and, in our case, preferential access to goods that Tushop can include in its basket offering to end users.

Founders: Cathy Chepkemboi
HQ: Kenya

Tushop Website


Logistics, Software, Technology


Date published

March 15, 2023