Suplias is a B2B marketplace where mom and pop stores in Africa buy inventory directly from manufacturers using a mobile app.

Suplias helps store owners buy inventory directly from manufacturers using its app, with next-day delivery, and has seen significant uptake, with consistent growth of mom & pop shops using the platform.

With current operations in Nigeria, Suplias intends to build a Full Stack Commerce Engine for Africa, incorporating Supply Chain, Financing & Payment solutions into its value proposition, with the long-term vision of scaling across the African continent.

Suplias boasts a formidable founding team, which has a combined 25+ years of experience in supply chain and e-commerce roles having worked for Procter & Gamble, Pepsi Co, Gap, and Jumia.


Being able to tap into Chandaria Capital’s experience in FMCG, supply chain management & vast distribution network to grow & scale the business, made Chandaria Capital an ideal investor & advisor for Suplias.

Founders: Sefa Ikyaator (Co-Founder & CEO), Michael Adesanya (Co-Founder), Stephen Igwue (Co-Founder)
Year Founded: 2019
HQ: Nigeria


Business, FMCG Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain


Date published

October 26, 2021