SUKHIBA is a community-focused commerce platform based out of Kenya. Through SUKHIBA, community champions/resellers can build, operate, and scale their own consumer communities, access customized marketplace at wholesale prices from manufacturers, and let their community members group buy, and get commissions and payments for all the transactions within their community.

This type of approach enables a new parallel distribution platform, where at home women and youth can set up a community and start earning income without any need for capital or inventory. SUKHIBA acts as a backend operating system for these communities and enables warehousing, logistics, and payments integration for the communities.

SUKHIBA has scaled 100X in its GMV in 1 year and as of mid-2022 has more than 500 community managers earning anywhere between $200-$300/month. Through community champions, customers can save up to 25% on their daily essentials and manufacturers can connect with customers, access micro analytics, and create micro-campaigns at scale.


Chandaria Capital made an early-stage investment into SUKHIBA, which enabled us to iterate and scale the product in Kenya. It also helped in necessary connections with manufacturers and investors. Through Chandaria Capital’s support and knowledge, SUKHIBA has been able to continue building cutting tech which helps in customer retention and scale.

Founder: Ananth Gudipati
Year Founded: 2021
HQ: Nairobi, Kenya

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FMCG Distribution, Supply Chain, Technology


Date published

August 1, 2022