At Stack, we are building the Vanguard of India to make investing easy and automated for young Indians through low-cost and globally diversified ETF portfolios. Stack uses an award-winning algorithm that assesses our user’s specific and unique financial habits to custom-build a diverse investment strategy for them. The company is led by the founders who have been serial entrepreneurs of fintech startups and worked at global banks like Citi and is being backed by the most marquee investors. Within just 2 months into YC, Stack has secured partnerships with some of the biggest brokers and banks in India and launched the investment app which has gained more than $3M in AUM. The users are loving the investing on autopilot experience and with 30% WoW growth, Stack is witnessing early signs of product-market fit!

Key Achievements

Stack has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. Stack has achieved a lot of accolades for passion towards revolutionizing investing for all. Stack got selected by Y Combinator for their S21 batch, and have raised seed funding from some of the best global and Indian VCs and angels. Also received Women Startup Award 2021 by FICCI as well as Lift Off Award by YBF ventures, Australia. Stack has been spreading financial awareness through it’s online webinars and helping people grow their money through its app.


Chandaria Capital has been an extremely supportive investor! They were one of our early supporters and believers. They are generally hands-off and very prompt in response and helping out whenever needed. Being an entrepreneur themselves, they have been very quick in understanding the founder’s requirements and have been quick with resolution.

Founders: Smriti Tomar, Tushar Vyas, Yashwardhan Pauranik, Vidit Varshney
Year Founded: 2021
HQ: India

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Finance, Technology, Wealth Management


Date published

November 1, 2021