Chari is a Fintech and eCommerce App for traditional retailers in French-Speaking Africa. It allows them to order anything they sell in their store and get delivered in less than 24h. They can pay cash on delivery or benefit from credit facilities. Chari has a footprint in Morocco and Tunisia and has signed up 15 000 grocery stores out of which 7 000 are monthly active users.

Chari has recently acquired , a ledger/credit book app allowing the shop owners to handle the credit they give to their own users. Karny has been downloaded 50 000 times and is used by more than 10 000 monthly active users.

Key Achievements

Chari has become the unique FMCG distributor in Morocco and Tunisia able to provide the product manufacturers with a clear view about where their goods are sold in the traditional trade. Therefore it has signed distribution contracts with the major FMCG multinationals in the region.


Chandaria capital is the VC arm of Chandaria Industries. Therefore, Chand cap has a strong FMCG culture and expertise. The Chandaria capital has become a great source of inspiration for Chari’s founders.

Having Chandaria capital as an investor in Chari brings a lot of credibility to Chari’s team when negotiating distribution contracts with FMCG multinationals.

Founders: Ismael Belkhayat, Sofia Alj
Year Founded: 2020
HQ: Morocco

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Business, FMCG Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain


Date published

October 26, 2021