Appetito is an online grocery delivery startup that provides an on demand mobile shopping experience to its customers offering a wide variety of basic household essentials. The company operates a network for dark stores located in high dense neighbourhoods, where products are stored. Once a customer places an order, products are shipped and delivered in less than 60 minutes. The company sources its products directly from manufacturers disrupting the value chain of the retail market and cutting out the middle layers (Distributors, Wholesalers, Physical Retailers.).

Key Achievements

7 dark stores covering areas of Cairo & Giza. More than 100,000 mobile app downloads. 1200+ SKU’s.


We believe that African markets have great potential. Chandaria Capital with its strong roots in the FMCG market in East & Central Africa and background will provide a huge value add & local know-how for our international expansion.

Founder: Shehab Mokhtar
Year Founded: 2020
HQ: Egypt

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Food Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain, Technology


Date published

November 25, 2021